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Monday, 4 November 2019

until Saturday 30 November (but watch out for any extensions)

Ride the Wild
at Levy Gorvy, Old Bond Street

Works by a 3-artist group: Albert Oehlen (6 works), Franz West (8 works) and Christopher Wool (3 works).

Albert Oehlen is Hamburg trained, assured and with the lightest of academic touches. If anything he espouses the great tradition of Gerhard Richter, of covering up his genius by adding some painterly scrawls over the top as if to say – oh, I don't want to boast, it's only a painting. I love his work.

The second floor room is dominated by Oehlen's Untitled (2005). It's a reconstruction of his single bed in Cologne. It has travelled to Madrid, Vienna, New York and Venice, and now, for the first time, it's London's turn.

See it. Under the partly folded-back duvet, we find a portrait on canvas of the artist. On one side of the bed we find neatly arranged bedroom clutter: coffee pot, recordings, etc. 

On the other side we find the sleeper's chamber pot and next to it a clinical array of white container, bog roll and a medical looking bottle the contents of which sets us wondering.
Is the sleeper suffering from some bowel or urinary problem that requires this paraphernalia right by their bed? Is this a Middle Europe hygiene thing perhaps? Go closer and you will find that the bottle is labelled Schmincke's final varnish. It and the bog roll and possibly the chamber pot are but the appurtenances of the artist who gets up, paints, goes to bed, gets up and paints some more. Living his art.

As does West, of course, his work one of the reasons for my visit. No-one who saw his work in Tate Modern's  unforgettable show earlier this year can do otherwise.

Here is West's Untitled (Iarge sculpture with can) 2010 which I highlight here. The work epitomises 'sculpture', work in the round.

Walk round it. Walk round it again. It's crammed with references, some light-hearted, some pleasingly profound. 

Please note: I did not have time on this occasion to cover the Christopher Wool works. Why not go yourself dear reader and let me know what you think of all in the comments or on Twitter. 

Levy Gorvy  
22 Old Bond Street
London W1
Note: when you reach the corner of Bond Street and Burlington Street, 
slow down or you could miss the doorway. The gallery rooms are on 
the first and second floors.


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