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Friday, 22 February 2019

Until Saturday 09 March

Ian Kiaer at Alison Jacques Berners Street

Ian Kiaer, Endnote, ping (part of murmer/black),
2018, courtesy of the artist and gallery 
This is a big show in that it reveals more than is seen on the gallery walls. So big in fact that I imagine a whole art museum given over to art such as this. The shapes on the left, for example (only the left panel is shown here), which appear to be fish, inhabit their own metaphysical world. And it is larger than any ocean.
     Kiaer's work is European in its sensibility: and you are taken aback by it. Each piece perks up your visual sense. You leave the gallery seeing the mundane a little differently. 

I am going to refer you here to the words of The Ruskin School of Art, where Kiaer teaches. The work shown above, consists of acrylic, pencil on paper, and Plexiglas. Another, Endnote, ping (limb), 2019 (not shown), consists of a fan, a very fine gauge plastic tube, and electrical wire. Yet it shows the impossible: the insubstantiality of air. Don't stop to wonder how, just see it.

Alison Jacques Gallery
1618 Berners Street
London W1

Opening times
Tuesday to Saturday 11am–6pm or by appointment.

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