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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Indoor glass to brighten your space

Ways to make the summer solstice last a little longer - but only until Sunday 23 July

Brian Clarke, a visiting Professor of Architectural Art at University College London, has been called 'the rock star of stained glass'. His 'Summer Solstice Screens', works in laminated glass, are being shown at the Heni Gallery in Soho.

There's nothing quite like stained glass to bring light and colour into interiors. The summer solstice marks the longest day. June and July represent peak sun, peak light and peak colour out of doors. But you can amplify the available light and try to prolong summer by bringing some of the light inside.
Shown here from the top are Clarke's 'Ascot' (2017), 'Wall Street' (2017), and lit by window light and itself lighting up one of the gallery windows, a version of the mesmerising 'Darkness Visible' (2012).

Heni Gallery
6-10 Lexington Street
London W1
Check gallery for opening times 


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