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Thursday, 21 July 2016

The benefits of Tate Membership

Tate Britain interior
Some exhibited art takes time to sink in - more than one visit is desirable. I have just visited the Tate Britain Exhibition Conceptual Art in Britain 1964–1979 for the second time and suddenly I 'got it' (the gist of which revelation I will pass on to you, the reader, shortly). During the same visit, I had a cup of tea in the cool and spacious members' room, relaxed in one of their uniquely comfortable chairs, visited the shop, and immediately started planning my next visit. The beautiful cakes in the tearoom had nothing to do with it.

The Switch House main
staircase, architects Herzog
De Meuron

Some exhibited art on the other hand excites so much at the first visit you also want to go back again and again. For this reviewer, the same applies to the buildings that hold the art. When I first visited Tate Modern's new extension (The Switch House) I was so excited by the building I spent almost the whole of that visit admiring it inside and out. Again, I was able to ponder a while in the members' room and plan my next visit. And again I will be passing on the highlights of that visit as well as further visits to view the art.

The Tate members' card (back view),
© Martin Creed 2015

As an individual member, the cost of these greatly enhanced visits and access to the members' areas is £70 a year. Membership covers Tate Britain, Tate Modern and its new extension, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives. You also get an appropriately flash membership card designed by Martin Creed.

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