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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Albers & the Bauhaus

Until Saturday 12 March

What can be seen in  the work of Josef Albers (1888-1976) is an informed art and design ethos based on functionality. It never dates.

This exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery shows the work of Albers together with that of his contemporaries. The functional ethos permeates the work of the entire Bauhaus group - Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Otto Lindig, Marianne Brandt and Albers's wife Anni Albers.

It was work that was never imitative. The aim of Bauhaus (literally building house) exponents was to go back to first principles. It's possible to see in their work echoes of the very first civilizations - whose world view consisted of the first principles, a world view that embraced all of nature's patterning, all of nature's geometry - the fundamental shapes and ratios that are of the earth itself.
Here are just 5 pieces (starting from the top)
Josef Albers Lauben (flowers) 1929
Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann Swivel-Arm Wall Lamp No. 830 1930
Marianne Brandt Napkin Holder 1930
Heinz Loew Composition and Lighting Studies with Elementary Sculptures 1928
Otto Lindig Wine Jug L16 1923
Herbert Bayer poster 50 jahre bauhaus 1968

Prices for work of this calibre will always be high so it might be a good idea to feast your eyes and soul before the exhibition closes. Or, if you represent an institution (some of these works are for sale), to approach the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation directly.

Stephen Friedman Gallery
Gallery One
25-28 Old Burlington Street

E: info@stephenfriedman.com
E: sales@stephenfriedman.com

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