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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Alexandre da Cunha at Thomas Dane

Until Saturday 5 March, Alexandre da Cunha's 'Free Fall' 

Alexandre da Cunha, Fatigue (diagram II),
2015. Image courtesy the artist
and Thomas Dane Gallery, London.
The sister work of this, Fatigue (diagram I)
from the same series, was in British Art Show 8.
Da Cunha is the kind of artist who can transform everyday objects into magical structures that allow you to appreciate the nature of things; to question the nature of what we refer to as the physical world.

In this exhibition, a black-painted steel disk (see below) pivots on a section of grey precast concrete and resembles a closing eyelid - or an eclipsing sun.

In one of the London-based Brazilian artist's previous shows, sections of concrete drainage pipe and cylinders of coloured foam took on a resemblance to something you might want to sit down on, or display in your sitting room.

Rarely have industrial ready-mades been given such domestic - and gallery - credibility.

'Free Fall' refers to the parachute, emptied of air and suspended like some giant gypsy skirt, in the centre of the gallery.

Thomas Dane Gallery
3 Duke Street St James's
London SW1


Opening times Tue–Fri 11am–6pm; Sat noon–6pm

Image courtesy the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery, London

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