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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Art by and for children as well as adults

Mondrian through the eyes of a child

Give a child a bright and airy space, some paper and some primary colours, and this happens . . . Tate Modern  

Tate Modern offers light and airiness during these hot days. I spent a cool afternoon there recently, exploring level 2: the paintings; what the video room has to offer (I particularly recommend Gerhard Richter in his studio being interviewed by Nicholas Serota).
     I was also charmed by the small wall projections of visitors to the gallery being asked questions such as 'what do you think art is?' ('art and science are parallel' offered one visitor I thought to be particularly well informed). There are also lots of colourful paintings done by children inspired by the paintings in the Tate's collection and screen projected around the gallery as part of Bloomberg Connects. I took screen shots of five of them which I will publish over the coming days.

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