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Friday, 19 June 2015

Yeşim (the name means 'beautiful' in Turkish) Akdeniz is showing paintings and some sculptural forms in a show called The Secret Life of My Coffee Table at Pi Artworks, 55 Eastcastle Street, until Saturday 27 June.

Going round this exhibition it is interesting to observe the surrealist eye the artist applies to everything from landscapes and seascapes to her own sitting room.

In one painting the eponymous coffee table sits beside the artist's yellow chair, an object she renders with architectural skill. The chair is empty and a mysterious iceman- or rock-like object sits on the table. One secret is revealed in the title: "You Called My Name and My Heart Stood Still".

Follow her easel from painting to painting and the mysterious figure, in whole or in part, appears again and again - in the role of a higher intervention, an absent friend or a pet rock the viewer must decide for themselves.

The robustness and confidence of Akdeniz's style and the way she plays with and bends shadows lift the domestic into a surreal dimension, however, and universalize the work convincingly.

The Secret Life of My Coffee Table
Yesim Akdeniz
Pi Artworks London, 55 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8EG, London, UK
Until 27 June 2015
Mon‐Fri 10am ‐ 6pm; Sat 11am‐6pm (Sundays closed)

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