Monday, 23 June 2014

"Passengers": Jimp (Jim Hollingworth) presented by Gavin Turk at TJ Boulting

Until Saturday 05 July 

The exhibition takes place in the two lower rooms of a spectacular Grade II listed Arts & Crafts building from the early 20th century in Fitzrovia (aka East Marylebone in whose conservation area it lies geographically). 

It features the work of artist illustrator Jim Hollingworth (Jimp) whose skillful caricatures of urban archetypes impresses (do see "David" and "Alan from Accounts"). There are also pastiches of icons (do see "Mona") as well as headlines subjected to arbitrarily chopped lineation, written up on A4 sheets and tacked to the gallery walls. 
Copyright © 2012 Jimp, courtesy of the artist.

The exhibits play with our unconscious and all are works "wherein the thin veneer of civilisation covering the troglodyte rawness of our baser selves is stripped away" I quote. Fabulous fun then. 

There is an accompanying book (This is Not a Book about Gavin Turk, £14.99, Trolley Books) wherein the artist Turk has allowed the illustrator Hollingworth to produce line drawing replicas of various works including Turk's own. 

Winess a lively rendering of Bag (2000), a bronze cast of a full rubbish bag painted to look real on page 136, and the work that started it all, the blue ceramic plaque (19891991) that records Turk's time at the Royal College of Art on page 187.

There are also some lovely "extras" like the recipe for Turkish eggs on page 183.

The book does a nice line in design and typographical drolleries and references. If the ICA don't stock it I feel it's only a matter of time. 

This is Not a Book about Gavin Turk's content is a collection of essays led off by Damien Hirst, together with 29 other writers, artists and philosophical types, all writing about the good Gavin. 

Don't miss "Waiting for Gavo", part of Rachel Newsome's essay on page 187.

The book ends with a Glossary and an "About the Contributors": you get your money's worth. The exhibition itself is free.

TJ Boulting
59 Riding House Street, London W1
Opening Times: TuesSat, 11am6pm


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